Professional Hairstylist across the world have begged me not to release this, in fear they will loose clientele in RECORD Numbers!

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From: Dwayne Pressley

Dear Friend,

I'm ticked off! Why? Because I know that collectively you all have spent well over $1.7 billion on hair care products, just last year ALONE and despite this, you are STILL fighting a loosing battle, to issues like; dry hair, frizz, hair breakage, itchy scalp, slow hair growth and shedding!

What if I told you that you have been made a fool of?

That's right, there are more companies producing "garbage" beauty products, than quality beauty products! Why? For repeat business! I know what you are thinking. That doesn't make sense! You are 100% correct! It makes dollars. I'll show you how it works.

Lets say you purchased a shampoo that is suppose to both moisturize and condition your hair, but of course it doesn't work. Instead, over time it creates "product build up" on your hair (which produces a coating on the hair, making it impossible for moisture to enter) and eventually your hair dries up, you see a considerable amount of split ends…and even worse your hair is now on the verge of breaking!

So naturally as a consumer you search for a product that will seal your split ends and prevent your hair from breaking! You have now become a repeat customer, which means the company has created back end sales! Your lack of knowledge has been taken full advantage of!

Trust me, that example is just the tip of the iceberg! The tip!

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The online hair consultant that brought you What Your Hairstylist Doesn't Want You To Know uncovers the scandal in The Hair Growth Bible!

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"When I released What Your Hairstylist Doesn't Want You To Know, hairstylists were extremely, upset. This time around, some have even begged me not to uncover major industry secrets! But after massive amounts of soul searching and debating…I decided to continue."

Imagine an e-book that takes you by the hand and shows you how easy it is to not only grow hair, but to grow it at a rate so fast, it will amaze you! Licensed cosmetologist, author, and hair care expert, Dwayne Pressley, shares the secret hair growth techniques he uses in the salon. Make no mistakes about it, his system is not some fly by night system! As a matter of fact, this time tested, proven system has taken him close to a decade to perfect!

The Hair Growth Bible is Dwayne's easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to growing hair. His methods are guaranteed to make faster hair growth inevitable. The Hair Growth Bible sets the standards by which all other e-books on the subject, will be judged.

For the first time ever, Dwayne reveals the products you'll need, in conjunction with the procedures to follow, to be successful with reaching the goals you've set for your hair, no matter what they are!

You will learn how to correctly shampoo and condition your hair. Miss one highly overlooked but VERY important step and you won't be able to maximize your hair's shine and softness!

You'll discover how to get that "just out of the salon look, and feel!"

Learn why the products that may work well for your friends, don't do you any justice!

Discover the nine possible combinations of hair textures and learn how to correctly identify yours

You'll discover which combination of foods and vitamins you can take to expedite the hair growth process and what habits you may have that may be stunting your growing process.

And much, much more!

The Hair Growth Bible walks you through your most complicated hair issues. It makes dry hair, tangled ends and hair breakage a thing of the past! Not only will The Hair Growth Bible show you how to skyrocket your hair growth by using one of the industry's top hair care expert's proven in salon methods, but we guarantee you will see your hair grow at a faster, healthier rate, within 8 weeks or we'll give you your money back! That's our iron clad money back guarantee offer!

If you can grow it don't sew it,


Dwayne Pressley

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